Letter From Amy Christianson

Dear Wonderful People of Province,

On April of 2010, my fiance’ and I closed our new house that we had the satisfaction of building together with you.  We were amazed at all the details that go into planning a house.  When we started, we were able to look at many different lots and how they would or wouldn’t work with the floor plan we had chosen.

While picking out plans we had the option of changing or adding things that would fit our lifestyle of the home.  We were happy that you had given us ample time to pick out the siding, windows, roofing, light fixtures, flooring, cabinets, etc.  With busy lives it was nice that you and your subcontractors were all very willing to work around our schedules, they were all very happy that to talk to us if we came to visit during the construction process.

Some of the reasons we chose Province was all the closet space Province has in their homes with real shelf boards instead of wire shelving.  We also like the fact that the vinyl floors are warmer than tile and more forgiving if something is dropped on them.  One of the more important things we wanted was the door out of the house from the laundry room.  We wanted that so when the dog comes in from outside he gets a place to dry off and not get the rest of the house all wet and dirty.

We looked at houses with more square footage but none of them seemed as big as Province Homes.  We are so happy we chose to build with Province and have enjoyed building the home as much as it seemed you enjoyed building it for us.

We want to thank you so much for making every day we come home to our house a highlight of our day.

Thank You Very Much

Amy Christianson

Letter From Joseph Varga, Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer

Dear Mr. Riesenberg,

On 05/20/2003, I conducted a Final Inspection of the home you constructed at 2885 Lepak Lane.  It is very gratifying to report that no violations of the One and Two Family Dwelling Code were found to exist in the home.  It is evident that much attention was paid to the construction of this home in compliance with the many applicable Wisconsin Building Codes.

The Department of Code Administration would like to thank Province Builders & Realty and your various sub-contractors for the conscientious work performed on this project.  Too often, substandard workmanship and code violations receive the majority of attention from this office.  It is a pleasure to commend you for the quality work you and your sub-contractors have exhibited in the completion of this project.

Once again, thank you for your spirit of cooperation with this officer and the Department of Code Administration.


Joseph E. Varga

Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer